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A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of our readers for supporting Morris’ Million Cat Rescue® campaign and helping us reach the half-way milestone of 500,000 adoptions!

9Lives® brand is committed to fulfilling our promise of finding loving homes for one million cats and educating people about the importance of cat adoption.

You can help us reach one million! Take the 9Lives® Pledge to spread the word about Morris’ Million Cat Rescue® campaign. And when you do, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $9,999 donation to the shelter of your choice!

9Lives® Morris’ Million Cat Rescue® Campaign Celebrates 500,000 Adoptions in Los Angeles!

counter turning to 500000Morris® the Cat and the 9Lives® brand officially reached the half-way milestone on September 20th in Los Angeles — almost a year to the day since the campaign kicked off. Morris celebrated the achievement in style, wining and dining with some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities including Audrina Patridge of MTV’s The Hills and Rex Lee of HBO’s Entourage. Audrina made her own commitment to the mission by adopting the 500,000th cat herself, a cute kitten named Snowball.

Morris® the Cat posing with AudrinaAfter the festivities, the team continued its journey north to the Bay Area and will be wrapping up the Fall 2007 leg of the tour with stops in Portland and Seattle before closing the tour out in Denver.

As always, Morris® the Cat is always looking for rescue recruits to join the mission. To find out when Morris' Million Cat Rescue® campaign is stopping in your neck of the woods, visit to get all the latest info.

Cat Care 101

Q:I just adopted a kitten. I took him to the vet, and she said he was in good health. I want him to live a long life. Do you have any suggestions for helping cats to live a long time?

A:In pets, as in people, the key to good health and long life is prevention of health problems when possible, and early detection of problems that are not preventable. With your vet, you can determine an appropriate schedule for vaccinating your cat against dangerous diseases. As well, you can determine whether your pet needs protection against parasites such as fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworm. Avoiding these preventable health issues is a vital part of keeping your pet well.

I recommend that you select a high quality pet food for your kitten to ensure his nutritional needs are met. Feeding dry food slows the onset of dental disease. If you keep your pet's mouth healthy, he will be happier and he will live longer.

If you want your cat to live the longest possible life, he should not go outside. Cats who go outdoors may get lost, and they are at risk for feline leukemia, feline AIDS, cat fight injuries, and trauma due to dogs, cars and wild animals.

After your pet is full grown, take care to ensure that he does not become overweight. Finally, have your pet checked once or twice each year by a veterinarian. The vet can answer questions, offer advice, and check for any developing health problems so that they can be dealt with before they cause serious damage.

- Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM, for

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9Lives® Brand Supports Local Adoption Organizations and Their Adopters & Helps in Emergencies Too!

Submitted by The Dialogue Company, producers of the Friends Fur-ever Adoption Gift Bag Program

Each and every day, as cat adoptions are taking place all across the country, happy people and their new cats are getting off to a great start with free 9Lives® brand/Friends Fur-ever® Adoption Bags! The adoption bags, sponsored by 9Lives® brand, are provided completely free of charge to adoption organizations to give to their new adopters. Adoption organizations love them because they know the bags help to start their adopters off right, and adopters love them because of all the great free goodies and information they get!

In addition to the free adoption bags, 9Lives® brand is also offering adoption organizations an opportunity to win and earn cash rewards as they count their way up to a Million Cats Rescued! Adoption organizations have three separate opportunities to win cash in random drawings. Plus, members who reach the top level will share a $25,000.00 grand prize! Winning adoption organizations can use the money to help their organization in any way they would like, such as buying food, supplies, vet care, etc.

9Lives® brand adoption support doesn't stop there! In an emergency 9Lives® brand comes through, too! Recently, an adoption organization contacted the Friends Fur-ever Adoption Gift Bag Program. They had a terrible fire, and unfortunately their cat shelter burned down, and all 37 cats & kittens inside were lost in the fire. The entire community was saddened. The Friends Fur-ever Adoption Program alerted 9Lives® brand to this horrible tragedy, and on September 1st 9Lives® brand presented the adoption group with a $10,000 check! The adoption organization was overwhelmed by the generosity, and since they already own a piece of land, they will be using this money along with other donations to help build a brand new cat shelter!

9Lives® brand and Morris' Million Cat Rescue® campaign are doing great things to help adopters & adoption organizations all across the country. Every time you buy 9Lives® cat food, you are helping, too, because 9Lives® brand is donating to adoption organizations each time you purchase 9Lives® products! If you would like to do even more, contact your local adoption organization today to see how you can make a difference in the lives of homeless cats.

New Beginnings


By: Lisa C. (Chesapeake, VA)

I lost my faithful friend Sadie in 2005. I never thought I would ever find another cat that would touch my heart so profoundly, until the day I met Misty. I went into the pet store to buy bird feed and walked by the animal rescue section that they had. I saw about 8 cats and could not help myself, so I went in to "look" at the beautiful kitties. I noticed Misty right away. She is a long haired mixed grey tortoise shell. She was a bit dirty, to say the least, but I later discovered she was found that day living under the interstate. She walked straight to me and was not shy about showing me how much she wanted love. I took her home that day!!! She has been the bright light in my life ever since. She is the most loving cat in the world and gives her love to anyone who approaches her. She has changed my life for the better and I would not trade her for anything!! Thank You Cat Rescuers everywhere!!

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